It’s called the “flu shot” so the CDC can falsely claim childhood “vaccines” do not contain mercury

Does anyone ever call the flu shot the “influenza vaccine?” The answer is no. Want to know why? Because, it’s a trick and total deception marketed by the CDC so everyone who suspects that mercury is dangerous, especially when injected into muscle tissue using a vaccine, will assume that it’s true that the CDC removed mercury from all vaccines more than a decade ago. Now ask yourself, why did the CDC remove mercury from the childhood “schedule” of vaccines if vaccines are so effective and safe?

The flu shot is recommended by the CDC for every pregnant woman, every infant 6 months old, and every child, teen, adult and elderly person in America – every year! Now take a guess as to what ingredient is found in many of the influenza vaccines at tens of thousands of times greater amounts than in fish and water. Yep, mercury. It’s listed as thimerosal, which is 50% mercury by composition. Nice trick, huh? We all call it the “flu shot” and nobody thinks of the cold, hard, insidious fact that vaccines do still contain mercury, and the ones that you get every single year for your whole life, that is if you’re so brainwashed. And it gets worse.

Injecting mercury into children “defies all logic and common sense”

Mercury is toxic to all humans at any amount. It’s even more lethal when injected because it bypasses normal human body filters, such as the digestive tract, the lungs and the skin. Mercury can accumulate in the human body, brain and central nervous system, causing disease and disorder. The following information comes directly from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the new World Mercury Project website:

Thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, is still in 48 million U.S. flu vaccines each year, tetanus toxoid, meningococcal vaccines and, in massive doses, in the pediatric vaccines given to 100 million children across the developing world. A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) review published last month found that the ethylmercury in thimerosal is as profoundly neurotoxic as the heavily regulated methylmercury in fish.

Fact: Back in 2004, before a Congressional committee, the FDA officially recognized that no US government study, nor any privately funded study, has ever demonstrated that thimerosal (mercury) is safe for vaccines. That statement still holds true to this very day. So get this: your government tells you that pregnant women should be very careful not to eat too much mercury-laced fish, but recommends those same pregnant women inject massive doses of mercury into their muscle tissue and blood. As Robert F. Kenndey Jr. puts it, “This defies all logic and common sense.”

The American taxpayers pay for mercury loaded vaccines and the damage settlements paid to families in the secretive vaccine court

What you don’t know will hurt you. Most Americans have no idea how huge the vicious vaccine market really is, nor the fact that they’re paying to get the flu (spread by those injected with flu shot), get damaged by the vaccine, and literally pay the damages out of their paychecks to the families and children who suffer the repercussions of injecting mercury into their bodies year after year after year. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund is used to keep parents quiet after their children are violently injured by untested, unsafe mercury injections. Did you know there’s a 75 cents excise tax on all vaccines that goes into a slush fund to pay for kids who are crippled, dead or suffering autism from mercury overdose?

You can’t even sue the vaccine manufacturers for damages to the brain and central nervous system directly caused by the “flu shot” that the CDC pretends is not a vaccine, even though it’s really the “influenza vaccine.” Certain flu shots, like FluLaval, have been proven in scientific laboratories to contain 25,000 times more mercury than the EPA allows in drinking water. The US Federal Government reports the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program pays out $350 million a year from the slush fund to parents of damaged children. It’s chemical medicine violence perpetuated for profit. More than 40% of the cases filed in the special vaccine court represent autism cases, and more than 60% of the settlements are for the flu vaccine. Got mercury poisoning? How can you find out?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of the World Mercury Project (WMP), recently announced a $100,000 prize for anyone who finds one single credible scientific study proving Thimerosal is safe to inject into children at the concentrations currently administered in today’s vaccines. Mercury is a known neurotoxin 100 times more poisonous than lead.

Watch this recent National Press Club Conference hosted by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro, and get ready for some mind-blowing knowledge about vaccines that you’ll never forget.






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